Punkt ES 01: Reduce Your Cable Squid by 75%

How big is your cable squid? Mine is pretty big, and threatening to take over more and more space on and around my desk. It’s never been easy to organize cables, but Switzerland’s Punkt seeks to change this by simply hiding away all of your cables in a sleek box.

punkt es 01 georges moanack extension socket

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Inbox Pause Keeps Emails Out of Your Inbox

Before I used the Inbox Zero process, I was often interrupted by the vast quantity of emails that anyone in tech receives. That being said, attaining Inbox Zero actually isn’t that easy and if it doesn’t work for you, you should check out Inbox Pause, a handy little browser extension that will push the pause button on your emails.

inbox pause gmail extension chrome

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PriceBlink: Shop Within Your Browser For Best Prices

121510_rg_PriceBlink_01.jpgWe’ve mentioned browser extensions to help you shop before, but this one targets Google Chrome and Firefox users (but there are Internet Explorer and Safari versions available). Since a lot of people shop online, it’s very convenient to have your browser suggest comparable products at other retailers, allowing you to see if you are getting a good deal.

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Read It Later

Just installed this snazzy FF extension Readitlater, which will help me archive some tabs when I shut down my browser for the night. It happens all of the time that I simply loose articles that I was planning on reading this way.


PicLens lets you view any images in an immersive 3D wall. It’s hard to explain, but worth checking out. Available as an add-on for Firefox.

No Squint

No Squint is a great little add-on for your Firefox browser. It zooms the whole web page.

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