Lyman-Alpha Blobs are Some of the Largest Individual Objects in the Observable Universe


In extragalactic astronomy, a Lyman-alpha blob (LAB) is a huge concentration of gas emitting the Lyman-alpha emission line, a spectral line of hydrogen, or more generally of one-electron ions, in the Lyman series. Lyman-alpha blobs are some of the largest known individual objects in the observable universe.

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Links Between Core Collapse Supernovae and Star Formation Established


When massive stars accumulate more iron that they can hold, they explode in what is called a core-collapse supernova, also known as Type II supernovae. Such supernovae will enrich their surroundings with key elements, seeding them for the formation of other stars. Now, cosmologists and extragalactic astrophysicists have linked the number of core-collapse supernovae (CCSN) in a galaxy with the actual star formation rate (SFR).

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