Once Upon a Time S01E01 (ABC)

Once Upon a Time title card via Wikipedia

It comes to me as no surprise that another network has a fairytale-based show. NBC has Grimm and ABC has Once Upon a Time.

More money was injected into the ABC show. I like the ABC show a lot better. Grimm is more of a Supernatural/Buffy the Vampire Slayer clone. The main character in Grimm basically learns that he comes from a family of slayers. It’s kind of been done before. Once Upon a Time reminds me of The Neverending Story mixed in with some fairytales. It’s not something that I’ve seen before on network TV, and it’s kind of refreshing. Granted, some of the themes have been explored before, but it’s pretty decent, at least from the pilot.

Warning: spoilers ahead

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Grimm Pilot S01E01 (NBC)

Grimm intertitle, via Wikipedia

The show reminds me of the Jasper Fforde novels, Nursery Crime Division, and although I expected the creatures to be out in the open, once I started watching it I realized that it’s about how they remain hidden from sight from everyone but people of the Grimm family. The protagonist, Nick Burnhardt is a Grimm. He recently learned this from his aunt Marie, but she’s in a coma and can’t help him much. During the pilot, he runs into a reformed Big Bad Wolf who helps him chase down another Big Bad Wolf.

Warning: spoilers ahead

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