Tech Combos to Take While Visiting Your Family

121610_rg_TechCombosHolidays_01.jpgIt’s the holiday season and it’s time to be honest. Although spending time with your family is really precious, depending on your relationship with your parents and relatives, it could get slightly maddening after a few days. This is why it’s important to take some of your tech with you so that you can clear your head and not get too annoyed when your family slowly tries to drives you insane.

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On This Holiday, How Much Time Are You Spending Offline?

When I get free time, from work and from my assignments, I like to spend it completely offline. While I do keep some tabs in my Firefox browser open while I surf the Internet, after a certain time I close them all. In fact, I relish when I don’t have to check my email and when I don’t have to be available. Are you going to spend any time offline this holiday season?

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How to Personalize Tech Gifts for That Special Someone

110310xmasgift.jpgThe holidays are almost upon us, and it’s often the time when tech addicts begin feeling the itch of “upgrade-itis”. While there are many people who love receiving the latest tech item as a holiday gift, it’s not always a safe bet. If you do, what are the things that you’d love to give away?

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Healthy Uses For Your Home Tech

While there are some drawbacks with having a lot of tech in your home, there are also some benefits. The Internet and computers have made things that were hard in the past very easy. Take a look at our list of healthy things that you can do with technology.

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LEGO Nomenclature For LEGO Building Families

I found this article pretty interesting, since each child makes up different names for the LEGO bricks. The nomenclature differs from family to family.

Balls and FMyLife

Today, at a family picnic, my grandpa told me to toss him a beer. After I questioned him on whether it was a good idea, he insulted me and again demanded that I toss him a beer. I did so, and ended up hitting him in the head. When I tried to apologize, he hit me in the balls with his walker. FML


This FMyLife has been deleted from the site. Luckily, I saved it in GReader.

The Internet Age for Families

The NYT reports on the impact that online life has on families. The breakfast table has become cluttered with Blackberries, iPhones, and laptops. People wake up and check their email first.

Having spent time offline on purpose, I no longer use Google Talk to receive email notifications. I only check my email a few times a day or when I know that I will receive something. In 2008, I was a daily Facebook user. In 2009, I spent almost 6 months off FB. Now, I log in a few times a week, mostly to accomplish tangible goals, not to check up on my friends.

My mobile is on vibrate 100% of the time and if I don’t have it on my, I don’t receive any calls. I often forget it at home while I go to work. I don’t use my phone at work. I need to be online in order to write my freelance blogs, but always checking stuff online becomes a hindrance when you can’t be online at all. I believe that we are creating a generation of scatterbrains, who always need to know and check up facts at all times instead of using their memories.

I still feel the pull of having to be online, checking my feeds in Google Reader, checking up on news, blogging and writing. I also do a lot of research online.

PomPoko and Nephews on the Storytree

I’m going to be an uncle for the very first time, he exlaims. PomPoko is exhuberant. He just came back from the hospital. PomPoko’s sister-in-law just had a little PomPoko of her own. He’s still at the hospital, I’m really happy. We congratulate him. PomPoko seems thrilled and he seems to really enjoy the fact that he’ll be an uncle from now on.

Half an hour later, he gets a call. This is unusual. He steps out and has to take it. Little PomPoko is in the ICU. He had trouble breathing. I’m worried, he says, but I’m sure that he’s going to do well.

The week after, PomPoko says that Little PomPoko is doing well. He’s out of the hospital and things are great. Great for my brother, PomPoko thinks, but not for me. When will I have a littel PomPoko of my own?

My Dad and the Student Life on the Storytree

The oldest oak tree on the University of Oregon campus
The oldest oak tree on the University of Oregon campus

I used to live in the dorms at my university in Vienna, Austria. I was there with my two brothers. In the summer, they’d kick us out and we’d have to move into a small apartment with a kitchenette. There was one toilet per floor, for 3 or 4 apartments. To shower, we had to go to the public swimming pool. The laundromat wasn’t in the building. It sounds crazy, but at the time, we came from nothing in India, so for us, it was all new.

My brothers and I used to work at that university cafeteria for extra money. When Fridays came along, we forgot about school and work and had fun. Most times, we couldn’t even afford the trip via tramway to a bar 7 km away, so we walked. We walked back as well, but we were together.

November 18 2008

Maya and her mom Rukmini
Maya and her mom Rukmini