Thanko Fanbrella: Cheaper and Cooler

The first time I heard about fanbrellas was a short while ago, and I guess they make sense in very humid and wet climates. It didn’t take Thanko long to announce their version of the Fanbrella. Even though it’s cheaper, it actually looks somewhat sturdier than the one we mentioned before.

thanko fanbrella umbrella fan summer rain shine

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USB Necktie Fan Makes Geeks Cooler

I haven’t worn a tie regularly in years. There’s something extremely uncomfortable when something is squeezing your neck like that. Also, they are a nightmare to wear when it gets hot. However, I do wear one from time to time when I need to. Thankfully, I’ll be able to keep cool with this incredibly tacky new necktie fan.

thanko necktie cooler fan tie fashion geek

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Back to the Futurama

If you haven’t heard, Futurama recently started its sixth season on Comedy Central and I have to say that it’s still hilarious. Now that the show is back, I’ve seen quite a few Futurama-themed items popping up all over the place.

back to the future futurama poster fan john dayluke

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The Dyson Balloon Accelerator: No, You Can’t Ride In It.

A couple of engineers from Dyson decided to build a balloon accelerator, which uses Dyson Air Multiplier fans to speed along a balloon on its merry way, kind of like what a particle accelerator does, albeit at a much slower speed.

dyson balloon air multiplier video accelerator

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Half-Life 2 Escape From City 17

I don’t know what to think of this, except that the preview of the next episodes looks good. Otherwise, it was lukewarm.