Star Wars Designer Duds By John Woo: Fashion Strikes Back

I really enjoy these wacky portraits by created by John Woo, showing off what Star Wars characters might look like if they wore designer clothes. Why? Why the heck not?

star wars john woo fashion fun

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Kristi Kuusk’s LED Dress Lights Up The Night

This LED light dress was designed by fashion design student Kristi Kuusk. She studies at the University of São Paulo in Brazil and came up with this wonderful idea for one of her classes.

kristi kuusk led dress skirt geek wear

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Detectair: Clothes That Detect Air Pollution

These are the clothes of the future: smart-clothes. I can’t wait for these to be actually produced. Detectair is a fashion project by Genevieve Mateyko and Pamela Troyer. Their unusual clothes detect the pollution level in the air.

geek wair air quality fashion detectair

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Tom Lacki

Beautiful photos by Tom Lacki, some NSFW

Some amazing shots by Polish photographer Tom Lacki. There’s something special about most of his shots, I really like them.

Blade Runner Stiletto Cop Heels Make You Want to Get Pulled Over

These futuristic illuminated police stiletto heels are kind of look like a strange fusion of vehicles and shoes. I don’t really know why these are necessary, but hey, if they make police officers more visible they might be relevant at some point.

stiletto police heels shoes

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Diffus Climate Dress Reacts to Air Quality With LEDs

This incredibly designed  dress will react to the air quality and pollution levels by pulsating hundreds of LED lights.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder Hoodie For The Villain In All Of Us

One of the coolest villains in cartoon history has definitely got to be The Shredder. Before he was ridiculed in the movies, he was one mean dude in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoons. Now, you can bring out your own super-villain with this snazzy hoodie.

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Fur-Covered Cell Phones And USB Flash Drives

They might seem cute, but they are controversial since these coverings for mobile phones and USB flash drives are actually made out of real fur.


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