Disruption of Memory Reconsolidation Erases a Fear Memory Trace


Fear memories are formed when humans associate things with strong, negative emotional responses. A team of scientists from Uppsala University in Sweden have developed a technique that allows them to erase new emotional memories from the brain, making it possible to erase your fears.

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Defying Gravity Fear S01E07 (ABC)

Defying Gravity intertitle, image via Wikipedia
Defying Gravity intertitle, image via Wikipedia

I honestly don’t know how I missed this scifi show. I caught up on it three weeks ago and was impressed by the show, the acting and pretty much everything. The fact is that I wasn’t expecting much.

For the first few weeks in August, I kept seeing Defying Gravity in queues. I expected it to be some kind of extreme sports show. That is until I stumbled upon someone mentioning it as scifi. I did my homework and started watching the 7 episodes that I had missed.

I was surprised at how interesting this show was.

Warning: spoilers ahead

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