All You Need to Know About the New Gmail Interface

110211_rg_GmailInterface_01.jpgHTML5? Elastic density? If you’re confused, check out what we’ve managed to discover about Google’s new Gmail interface. Not only did they revamp Google Reader interface, but Gmail just got a facelift and you can test it right now. Is it better or worse, tell us in the comments!

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What Features & What’s Perfect Size For Your Daily Pack?

Every day, you carry around your tech in a bag or backpack. Sometimes it’s filled to the brim with books, notebooks, a laptop, and a camera. On other days, it’s almost empty. How can you decide what the best size for your daily bag/pack is? What are the best options?

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Enable Multi-Touch and Hidden Features With Firefox 3.5

012309_an_firefox.jpgIf you didn’t know that Firefox released a major update this week, you should update your Firefox immediately. Why? There are a bunch of new features that are really interesting, including one that lets you enable multi-touch tab switching. There are other hidden features that can make your browsing life a lot easier.

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