February 15 2012 Phone

My old phone, Febphotoaday

My old phone, that I rarely use nowadays, but it’s still good to have around. It’s actually part of a VOIP package that comes with my ADSL line.

February 14 2012 Heart

Heart, Febphotoaday

My robotic, pixelized, analog heart.

Bloc Rhodia No. 12, Tombow ABT

February 13 2012 Blue

Blue, Febphotoaday

Blue is my favorite color. This is a shot of my Arc’teryx Alpha SV hardshell jacket.

February 12 2012 In My Closet

In my closet, FebPhotoaday

My closet is a bit boring, so I actually climbed into my closet and took this photo. It was kind of fun.

February 8 2012 Sun

Almost macro-ish shot of some beads hanging near my porch door

There wasn’t much sun around, so I had to improvise a bit.

February 6 2012 Dinner

Ramen and two chicken sandwiches

Dinner was a bowl of ramen, with added chicken, onions and spices, and two chicken sandwiches.