AMBER 2 Robot Mimics Human Foot Movements

We all know that humanoid robots roaming the streets aren’t that far away, but there are still plenty of kinks to be worked out of the designs. The AMBER 2 Robot does its best to emulate human foot movements, with the goal of making a machine that can walk on all sorts of terrain.

amber humanoid robot walks 620x464

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Guy Completes Super Mario 64 Using Only His Feet!

Even if you thought that your footwork in your favorite dancing game was awesome, it probably pales in comparison to Vicas3, who managed to complete the entirety of Super Mario 64 on the N64 using only his feet. That brings a whole new meaning to tapping your toes.

vicas3 super mario 64 nintendo playing feet

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Warmed Up Feet

Sometimes, it takes forever for my feet to warm up. It happens a lot when it’s humid, though after a shower and fresh socks, it’s no longer a problem. My feet usually tell me how cold it is outside, before I leave.