Ferrari 458 Speciale: Making the Italia Even More Special(e)

Is it possible to improve the Ferrari 458 Italia? Well, even Ferrari seems to think so, thanks to the plethora of different versions of the car that are available right now. The latest and greatest is the Speciale, which will premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 10th, in Germany.

ferrari 458 speciale front

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Ferrari FF: A Supercar That Seats Four and Has a Large Trunk

Ferraris aren’t known for seating passengers comfortably or for having storage space, but this model has all of that and more. It has seating for four, has ample trunk space, and still comes with a roaring V12 engine.

ferrari ff luxury coupe v12 supercar

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Ferrari LaFerrari Hybrid: 949 Horses, 1.3 Million Dollars, All Sold Out

The Ferrari Enzo was an amazing car, and Ferrari had to come up with something even more awesome to surpass it. Meet the Ferrari LaFerrari.

laferrari ferrari supercar

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Ferrari Logic3 Cavallino T350 Headphones: Can’t Drive These Drivers

Mad about Ferraris, but you can’t afford to buy one in your lifetime? If you’re not worried about spending a little bit of cash, check out these Ferrari-branded headphones. The only question that I have is will they perform as well as they are priced?

cavallino over ear headphones

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Ferrari Logic3 Scuderia FS1 Air Bluetooth Speaker: Doesn’t Go Fast, But Does Get Loud

Until you’ve tried a Bluetooth speaker, you can’t really understand how useful they can be. Sure, the sound quality isn’t always spectacular, but it always blows speaker built into smartphones and tablets away, and the wireless convenience can’t be denied. Logic3 has just announced a Ferrari-branded Bluetooth speaker dock, which doesn’t really mean a whole lot, since it’s not like you’re going to be driving this thing.

logic3 ferrari scuderia fs1 bluetooth

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Desk Chairs: The Pininfarina Xten


The name Pininfarina is eponymous with Ferrari. The prestigious design firm came up with a lot of incredible car designs for Ferrari and Maserati. However, Pininfarina doesn’t just design cars. They have a division that sells all sorts of consumer goods. At a development cost of over $1.5 million, the Xten office chair might be the Ferrari of desk chairs.

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Pagani Zonda Vs Ferrari

If you pull next to a Ferrari in this (Pagani Zonda), it would be like pulling up to a Renault Mégane in a Ferrari.

Alex (The Apprentice UK S04) to a customer thinking of renting a Zonda for a day.