Tyent Touchscreen Water Ionizer & Purifier: High-Tech Clean Water

Water purification is a booming business, especially in Asia where not all water coming out of the faucet is directly drinkable. The Tyent Water Ionizer and Purifier is the fancy touchscreen version, for those of you who want to insert a bit of technology into the filtering process.

tyent water ionizer

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CamelBak All Clear UV Water Purifier: Zaps Microbes Dead!

When you’re outdoors, either for camping or because the Great Zombie Apocalypse has finally begun, you need to drink clean water. As such, some of the portable filters and water purifiers are a bit annoying to use, which is why I think that CamelBak’s All Clear UV water purifier is so cool. You just fill up your water bottle and use the integrated UV light, and presto, your water is read to drink.

camelbak all clear water purifier

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Holga Lens Filter Case Makes iPhones into LomoPhones

The Holga iPhone 4 Lens Filter Kit is the perfect way to turn your iPhone photography on its head, without having to rely on digital filter effects. Plus, it’s cheap enough that you won’t balk as offering it to someone on a gift exchange or as a stocking stuffer.

holga iphone case digital imaging filters retro

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Aqualris Water Filter: Elegant and Beautiful

072709_rg_aqualris_01.jpgIn some places water filters are a must. You just can’t drink the tap water. Thankfully, this isn’t the case in the US. There are laws that make it certain that the water you drink from you tap is safe. That being said, have you ever compared a bottle of spring water to tap water? Sure, we don’t mind drinking tap water, but once in a while, a bottle of Evian or Volvic just hits the spot.

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