SteriPEN Freedom UV Water Purifier: Get Water Clean with USB Power

If you’re out camping, the SteriPEN might not be the best water purifying solution, but it sure is nice to have it in your pack if you haven’t got anything else. It can basically replace a Brita filter and help deal with some contaminants, ensuring that the water you are about to drink is clean.

steripen usb water filtration purifying camping tech

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Zuvo Water Filter: Supercharged and Cheaper in the Long Run

080509_rg_zuvofilter_01.jpgWater is the source of life. Without it, living organisms quickly die. Having a clean source of water is very important. That being said, it’s a known fact that a lot of households use extra filters to purify their water even more. We’ve noticed Brita filters and faucet filters all over the place. It’s easy to have a pitcher in your fridge, because most of us enjoy our water cold, but are these types of filters the cheapest and best way to drink your water?

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