Flickr Finds: Two Glass Table Imac Setup


Guillaume Laplace has got a really nice home office setup. Two glass desks form a 90 degree angle in a corner. We usually see this setup with wooden tables, but it just looks better with glass. For some reason, glass and Apple products mix well together. His desk real estate is large enough for a lot of gear, from iPods to iPhones.

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Flickr Finds: A Clean Web Developer’s Desk

Web developers, graphic artists, computer programmers and pretty much everyone who gets work done at home on their desk tend to have slightly messy work spaces. It all depends on how much stuff you have to do and how many projects you are on. My desk has always been a mess. That’s why it’s great to find a desk that is brand spanking clean, well organized and uncluttered.

Flickr Finds: M2J2’s Incredible Workspace


When m2j2 decided to redesign is workspace, he went full out. He rearranged his setup to make it more work friendly. Other than looking awesome, his new setup looks more professional and user-friendly. He uses a biomorph desk with a Mac Pro on the side, and a Powermac G5 on the left. The monitors include a 30″ Apple Cinema Display in the center and two 23″ Apple displays on the side. He’s got a 5.1 Speaker system with Titanium casing, a Snowball microphone, iSight, and a Panasonic wireless LED light clock under the 30″ ACD.

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Flickr Finds: Toby’s Triple Monitor Setup


UK University student Toby has got a great setup in his room. He’s got a sweet triple monitor setup that doesn’t take up much space and could easily work in smaller rooms of offices. The trick was to mount the 37″ LG HDTV to the wall.

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Flickr Finds: Fitting 8 Screens in your Computer Rig

This setup actually made me smile and drool at the same time. It’s quite ingenious and fits a whole lot of screen real estate, which is a must if you use your computer daily. This setup comes courtesy of Mitch Haile‘s clean but sensory overloading workplace, with a total of eight displays.