Save Session

I found this little FF addon very useful when you have to restart your browser and you want to keep all of your tabs saved.

Read It Later

Just installed this snazzy FF extension Readitlater, which will help me archive some tabs when I shut down my browser for the night. It happens all of the time that I simply loose articles that I was planning on reading this way.

Firefox 3.0 Easter Egg

Type in “about:robots” into the Firefox 3 address bar to see an easter egg.

Firefox 3 Vs Safari 3

John Gruber of Daring Fireball has gone back to Safari 3 after a few weeks of using the new FIrefox 3 beta. He reviews the differences in his latest post.


PicLens lets you view any images in an immersive 3D wall. It’s hard to explain, but worth checking out. Available as an add-on for Firefox.

No Squint

No Squint is a great little add-on for your Firefox browser. It zooms the whole web page.