Convert Your Fireplace Into Entertainment Center

Depending on where you live or the state of your fireplace, you either might not need it or it might not even function. There are a lot of these fireplaces in homes that just serve as a decorations. How about transforming it into something useful? Check out this project, where a fireplace was transformed into an entertainment center.

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Rolling Fireplace Makes Fire As Dangerous As Possible

Sick of having your fireplace stuck in the same room all the time? Well look no further, because this is the rolling fireplace that will set your fire free.


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Gyrofocus: The World’s Most Beautiful Fireplace

101509_rg_gyrofocus_01.jpgThere are quite a few things of beauty in this world, but none of them are in the shape of this fireplace, which simply looks amazing. Naturally, this design will split opinions, but all in all, we like it a lot. How about you? Read on to find out more.

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Incredible Piet Indoor Stove Will Enable New Layouts

092809_rg_pietstove_01.jpgAbove all, this object is really beautiful. It’s hard to tell what it is, but once the clean-burning ethanol fire is lit, you get the idea. This is basically a reinvented fireplace. Since it uses ethanol, there is no point in having a chimney.

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The Babylon Hanging Fireplace Moves Around

082509_rg_babylon_01.jpgWe’re starting to see a bunch of different fireplaces. Don’t get us wrong, we do like the old fireplaces, but they haven’t changed for about a few centuries. It’s high time that they get upgraded. We’ve seen a few strange ideas, like having a fireplace in a trunk, but this one is pretty unique. A movable fireplace.

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