A Vacation from Power: A Storm, Angry Birds, Jonathan Franzen @ The Firmuhment

Long post by Justin Wolfe over at the Firmuhment. In it, the talks about being left without power during Memorial Day, playing Angry Birds Rio naked with his girlfriend, and Jonathan Franzen. I think it’s about 12,000 words long.

La Quietud es el Movimiento: Justin Wolfe’s Fake Blog

Justin Wolfe of The Firmuhment created a fake blog for one of this projects in writing school. From what I understand, it’s actually a fake fake blog, since the blog only existed in a MS Word document on his computer.

The Firmuhment Is Back

On and off, I’ve been wondering about Justin Wolfe and the Firmuhment, his uncommon blog that I’ve been a fan of. He’s finally back with some new posts.

Justin & Don DeLillo

Another great paperblog from Justin at the Firmuhment. I haven’t read Don DeLillo’s Underworld, but I will, after I read this. Justin also posts the refusal letters he’s been getting from different MFA programs. It’s melancholy.

American Birds

Another incredible post over at Firmuhment. Initially, I quickly scanned it but left the tab open so that I could read it again, completely with all of the details. I wasn’t disappointed. Amidst all of the hoopla of Tumblr and Google Buzz, I found this post extremely relevant. It’s about a writer named Lorrie Moore who starts a blog, a tumble blog most likely.

The Girl Who Was Loved Too Much

Great story over at the Firmuhment. It’s kind of amazing the way this blog is put together. It’s basically the ultimate paperblog. I’m sure that this will become a book at some point.

The Firmuhment & The Whole

I loved this short story over at the Firmuhment. I’ve been meaning to post something about that blog for a while. It’s a sort of paperblog, mixed in with some art, collages, and writing. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve read it before, but it’s always compelling.