Paparazzo Light: The Ultimate Flash for iPhones

So you’ve gotten tired of using your iPhone’s flash. It does its job alright, but it’s nothing compared to a Nikon speedlight. That’s why the Paparazzo Light might make sense. It will make your iPhone a whole lot bulkier, but at least you’ll be able to take decent pics at night.

paparazzo light flash iphone kickstarter

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Doctor Who Pixel Animations by Lucie Patron

To celebrate the fact that Doctor Who started up again last Saturday, it’s only fitting that we find these cute little animated GIFs that Lucie Patron made. Well, technically they aren’t GIFs, they are Flash files, but they’re basically done to look like pixelated animated GIFs.

lucie patron doctor who animation pixel

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LEGO Minifig Jack Sparrow USB Drive: Arrr, Why is it So Expensive?

While I haven’t had time to watch the most recent Pirates movie, there are still many people who love Johnny Depp’s drunken Jack Sparrow character. This this little handmade Jack Sparrow USB drive is perfect for fans of the drunken rogue pirate.

jack sparrow pirates usb lego minifig flash drive

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iFlash Supplements Paltry iPhone Flash

I know you love your iPhone, but the flash isn’t really very powerful. That’s why this iFlash add-on might do the trick to get a bit more pop in low light conditions. People are relying more and more on their iPhones for their digital imaging needs, so every little bit helps.

iflash iphone flash camera

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Using a Digital Camera As a Document Scanner

111710_rg_CameraAsScanner_01.jpgWhile most homes have an old scanner hanging around, there have been a few situations in which I’ve needed one and had to improvise. Any modern DSLR or point-and-shoot will do a good impression of a scanner when you don’t have one on hand.

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Extending Your Laptop’s Batteries By Uninstalling Flash

110510_rg_NoFlashMoreBattery_01.jpgApple seemed to have gotten a lot of flak for not having Adobe Flash pre-installed on the MacBook Air, but ultimately, there is a very good reason why they didn’t; on average, the MacBook Air will use 33% more battery power when running Flash then when it’s completely uninstalled. While we have no real comments about the politics involved, we do see a great way of extending your laptop’s battery.

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Wood USB Flash Drive


With all the wooden items going around, it was just a matter of time before someone made a USB flash drive out of wood. This USB drive is made out of cedar wood.

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