Jurassic Period Super-Sized Fleas Had Armored Mouthparts to Attack the Thick Hide of Dinosaurs


The primitive ancestors of modern day fleas were built to drain the blood of dinosaurs, more than 150 million years ago, during the Jurassic period. This potential host-parasite relationship was recently uncovered thanks to a set of preserved fossils found in China.

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Yoda’s Life

Yoda, the two or three week old kitten that I rescued earlier this week, is doing fine and dandy. Her life revolves around sleeping, being bottle fed some warm milk that I heat up, being cuddled, playing with my French Bulldog Spike and exploring her new surroundings. She’s never kept me up at night and always sleeps throught the entire night.

During the day or when I’m awake and she’s around, she sleeps either on my chest or snuggled right next to my arm, hip or leg. She’s really affectionate and playful. She’s also quite athletic and curious about what is around her. She plays with Spike all the time and they get along well. After the first night and after having her defleaed and deliced, she’s purring a lot when I pet her.

She’s doing pretty well and she’s incredibly cute. I’ve successfully taken a few pics which I’ll upload over the weekend.

I’m always amazed at how tiny she is. I’m glad that Spike gets along well with her. In the end, I think that he needed the company. For now, she stays crated during the day when I’m at work and at night. She sleeps most of that time anyway.


Yoda has moved into a new sleeping position, into the crook fo my arm. Spike has jumped down onto the tile floor to cool off. He was busy grooming and licking Yoda most of the time. She was busy playing with him with her sharp little claws. She’s also had her ears cleaned and her nails cut.

Mr. Micro Cat

Last night, right before my job, I was walking my French bulldog when we came upon a sight for sore eyes. A little kitten was mewing right in front of us. We waited for a few minutes to see if a mommy cat was around, but no one turned up. I looked at the poor little thing and I picked it up. It was so small that she fit in one of my hands.

I took her home and left her on the porch behind the kitchen, where the washing machine is. The weather was hot and she’d be comfy. I left her some milk and water, a towel in a box to serve as bedding and even some of Spike’s dog food and left for my jog.

While I was jogging, I noticed that a few young people were trying to coax kittens out of a locked shed. Apparently a cat had given birth a while ago and Mr. Micro Cat was a result.

When I came home, my wife was already home. She was talking on the phone and hadn’t noticed Mr. Micro Cat. I showed it to her and she almost cried of the cuteness and the hard life that Mr. Micro Cat must have endured. Mr. Micro Cat is actually a missus and she’s extremely cute.

I tried to find someone to take her but to no avail. I left her most of the day in the same spot. When I came home, I took her to a pet grooming place. Initially I wanted to take her to a vet, but finding one wasn’t easy. So I remembered that there was a pet grooming store nearby. I stopped there and the lady knew exactly what to do. The kitten was actually being quarantined away from Spike because of the fleas and the lice.

She was going to be deliced and defleaed. I was extremely relieved that she was going to be alright. The pet grooming store owner showed me how to feed the little kitten with a little itty bitty milk bottle. I was told that she needed to be fed four times a day. She would have to come back six times this month to completely delice and deflea her.

I brought her home in her new cage and set about the task to feed her. I immediately introduced her to Spike and they have begun a fast friendship. She is very calm around him and Spike enjoys her a lot. He’s kind of become her foster dad. It’s very cute to watch.

Right now, both have been fed and are hanging on the sofa with me. I’ve decided to call Mr. Micro Cat Yoda. She’s mews a lot when Spike isn’t around and loves being near him. It’s the start of a beautiful friendship. I’ve always wanted to get another dog, but Spike is enough work on my busy schedule. Yoda won’t be that much trouble I gather. She’s awfully cute and I haven’t taken any pictures yet.

My wife tried to do so yesterday before she left for Canada for a few weeks, but Yoda was just too fidgety. Yoda has stopped mewing and is sleeping by my side. Spike is fast asleep near my feet.