Pahana Alo’s Workstation Update: Towards Minimalism

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The last time we featured Pahana Alo’s setup, it featured a glass desk and two low monitors, that were optimally positioned for his workstation. This new update to the office includes a new desk and new computers in an effort to make the space as minimal as possible. More

Ken’s Mobile Minimal Workstation

Minimal workstations are something that most people yearn for. Ken’s workspace is quite fetching, since it’s got everything you need to design things and create stuff. We like the overall low profile, but it doesn’t skimp on the tech, which is important when you do a lot of work from home.

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A Couple’s Cubicle at Home Dual Desk Setup DeskTops

Setting up a home office for two isn’t always easy, especially if both partners work from home and require enough work area for their daily tasks. Just like most things related to relationships, you need to compromise. Such was the case with this simple yet gorgeous dual desk setup, combined together into a single long workspace. The setup creates work areas that are together, yet apart, near mirror images of one another…

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This IKEA Desk Is All About Setting a Mood (Lighting)

060211_rg_FrostedGlassDeskLED_01.jpgHere’s a home office setup which takes the idea of “mood lighting” to the next level, combining an IKEA frosted glass desk with what appears to be IKEA Dioder LED strip lights added underneath, creating an icy-cool effect for a PC setup villainous Ed Dillinger might appreciate.

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5 Distinctive Home Office Workstations

Putting together your home office can be a challenge, depending on what exactly you want to do with it and how much space you’ve got available. Things can get even more difficult if you try and find enough space for more than one workstation. We’ve put together our favorite most recent home offices. Read on to check them out.

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John Whelan’s Traditional Bookish Home Office Remodel

When it came time to remodel John’s home office, he decided not to go with a minimal and modern design, but with something more traditional. This home office almost feels like a study, with its towering bookcases and lots of wood. If you want to take a break from the ultra-modern workstations that we’ve featured in the past, take a look at this one, which was completed a short while ago.

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Jared’s Updated Graceful Workstation

010611_rg_JaredUpdated_01.jpgWe last mentioned Jared’s workstation a few months ago. His workstation set itself apart thanks to a dramatic lighting idea. Now, Jared has updated his workstation with more wood and a brand new iMac.

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