Lexon Flip Alarm Clock: Flip It to Shut It off

There are plenty of mornings when I opt to snooze or reset my alarm for a later time. That’s not always good, but if you can afford this luxury, it’s nice to indulge for a few extra minutes of sleep. And if you’re ready to turn off the alarm entirely, it can be a pain to fumble about looking for the alarm “OFF” switch as it beeps incessantly. This Lexon alarm clock allows you to easily turn off your alarm without fumbling around for buttons.

lexon flip alarm clock

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Olympus LS-20M Takes Over Where Flip Left Off

For people who still want a dedicated video camera and were despondent when Flip recently closed its operations, the new Olympus LS-20M might be able to fill that void. This dedicated pocket video cam has got a focus on audio captures, making it a multi-purpose device.

olympus ls-20m camera video cam capture audio

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