Minimal Float Wall Desk: We’ll All Float on Okay

My two desks are quite cluttered. There’s no denying it, but something like this minimal desk might actually encourage you to cut down on the wires and clutter in your home office.

minimal float desk workstation

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Floating Cars: This Is How the Year 2000 Should Have Looked

It’s already 2013, and we are still pretty far away from flying cars, which were predicted decades ago. Then again, maybe we aren’t. Check out these clever photographs, featuring Jetsons-like hovering cars.

jetsons renaud marion air drive cars

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Levitating Chair Could Make The Hoverboard A Reality

I don’t know about you guys, but when I first saw that the Japanese had invented a sort of hovering chair for the elderly, I thought about one thing, and one thing alone: hoverboards will someday become a reality.

hoverboard levitation chair japan elderly floating

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DIY Project: Make Your Own Floating Computer Desk Using Countertops

072109_rg_floatingdesk_01.jpgWe love floating shelves. Why? Well because they seem to float and take up almost no space. What if we told you that you could easily transform an Ikea countertop into a neat little computer workstation desk that looks like a floating shelf? The process isn’t all that hard and the results are really interesting. The resulting compact work place is perfect as an alternative to a full-fledged desk.

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