Floppy Disk Bags Have More Storage Capacity Than You Remember

Remember floppy disks? Seems like I last used one a very long time ago, and they’ve gotten quite useless since USB flash drives amped up the storage capacity. That didn’t stop Etsy store owner Roxanne Gibson of trying to find a way to reuse all of those forgotten floppy disks to create some whimsical and geeky bags.

roxanne gibson geekki boutikki floppy disk bag

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Retro-Shaped CDR: Looks Like a Floppy!

While these CDRs look pretty cool, their usefulness might not be that great since they obviously can’t contain that much data, however they’ll be loved by everyone who enjoys retro computer gear, like floppy disks, tape drives, Commodore and Atari computers, etc.

retro cdr floppy computer media storage optical

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Nick Gentry’s Floppy Disk Paintings Offer Recycled Memories

Even though you don’t want to admit it, you probably still got a stash of floppy disks hidden around somewhere, just like you probably have a stash of cassette tapes hidden in a pile of old stuff.

nick gentry floppy disk art

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