Overade Folding Bicycle Helmet: No Excuses Anymore

I’ve been in a couple of biking accidents over the years, and lucky for me, I always wear a helmet, no matter what the temperature. However, I can see that having a bulky helmet around can get annoying, especially if you use your bike to go everywhere. The Overade folding bicycle helmet is designed take up a lot less space, so you won’t have any excuse to leave your helmet behind.

overade folding bike helmet

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Urbanista Copenhagen Lightweight Folding Headphones: Time to Replace Your Earbuds?

For mobile music, I usually use earbuds. However, it took a while before I found a pair that would stay in my ears properly. It’s become easier with changeable buds, allowing any earbud to adapt to the shape of your ear. Of course, you won’t have to worry about these headphones falling out of your ears. The Urbanista Copenhagen folding headphones are a mid-size, over-the-ear with an unusual square shape.

urbanista headphones copenhagen audio portable foldable

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Adhoc Folding Canoe for a Quick Water Getaway

Have you ever felt the need for an emergency boat? Nope, me neither. Well, in any case, the Israeli designer Ori Levin from Tsor Design created Adhoc, a full-sized canoe that can be folded into a bag of the size of a standard backpack. Not bad. Now, in case of a zombie apocalypse near a body of water, you’ll be ready no matter what.

adhoc ori levin tsor design foldable canoe

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