iPad Mini Leather Bluetooth Keyboard Case: GTD on Tiny Keys

The iPad Mini’s form factor needs a bit of getting used to, but it doesn’t take long before your forget that it’s smaller than an iPad and that you start trying to get things done on it. In order to type quicker than with the touchscreen, you’ll want a keyboard of some kind. This folio combines a sturdy case with a diminutive keyboard, just for the iPad Mini.

ipad mini keyboard case


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Belkin iPad Mini Keyboard Case: You Knew It Was Coming

I admit that I use a keyboard sleeve with my iPad, and to be honest it makes typing on my tablet a whole lot more productive. Since the iPad Mini was released, it was just a matter of time before a keyboard case for Apple’s smallest tablet would surface.

belkin ipad mini case

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Twelve South BookBook iPhone Case Review: This Book Is Thick But Useful

iPhones can take plenty of abuse, but they get scratched up pretty quickly, which is one of the reasons why cases are necessary. Unlike some, I prefer to keep my phone in as good condition as possible, so when I inevitably upgrade and resell it, I get maximum value. The BookBook case from Twelve South is an interesting idea, since it combines a protective iPhone case with a wallet.

book book iphone cover

It’s available for $20.94 from TiG.

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Belkin iPad Mini Cases: A Little Something for Everyone

While I have to admit that I’m on the fence on whether to get the iPad Mini, I’ve been told by a couple of friends that they’d appreciate a smaller iPad because it would be easier to carry around with them everywhere. That being said, if you’re planning on getting one, you’ll need a case to protect it from bumps and scratches in your bag, and Belkin just released a couple of good ones.

bekin ipad mini case red

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Best Bluetooth Keyboards For iPad

100512_rg_BluetoothKeyboards_01.jpgEver since I upgraded to the new iPad, I knew that it was finally time to get rid of my old ZAGG keyboard case. The case worked well, but it could no longer support the thinner profile of the iPad. Bluetooth keyboards are an interesting accessory to lug around, especially if they are light and the keys aren’t too close together. Here are some good new choices.

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The French Cover for iPad: More Moleskine than Moleskine

Ever since book-inspired iPad covers first appeared, there have been more and more available, including some directly from Moleskine. Personally, I like my iPad covers to do just two things: protect my iPad and double as a stand. If I’m lucky, there’s a keyboard. While it doesn’t have a keyboard, the French Cover looks pretty nice and it’s handmade in France.

the french cover ipad case handmade

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Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio: A Slimmer iPad Keyboard Case

I have the original Logitech Keyboard Case at home, but I have to admit that it’s slightly too bulky to lug around everywhere. Logitech has upped the ante with their new Solar Keyboard Folio, which looks even thinner.

logitech solar keyboard case

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Killspencer Dopp Folio: For Gadgets & Grooming, Say What?

I’ve never thought about mixing my shaving cream with my gadgets, but that didn’t stop Killspencer from thinking of a way of doing this, thanks to their new Dopp Folio, which does double duty as a carrier for your grooming stuff or your travel gadgets.

killspencer dopp folio grooming 01

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Adonit Writer Keyboard + Folio: Makes Your iPad As Fat As A Laptop

While it’s probably true that the 11-inch MacBook Air makes for a better all-around laptop than the iPad, if you want to get things done at least, it’s safe to say that buying a folio and keyboard combination will be a lot cheaper.

adonit writer case folio keyboard apple ipad
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Keycase iPad Folio Transforms Your iPad Into A Laptop

The new iPad Folio case from KeyCase comes with an integrated Bluetooth keyboard and an angular stand, so it seems like the perfect solution for mobile computing. In essence, you end up with a netbook or laptop. Wait a sec, is this what you really want if you bought an iPad?

ipad keycase folio keyboard bluetooth

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