Ford Sync Destinations App: Sync your Ride with your Phone

It’s safe to say that smartphones are becoming the center of digital life of most of the people in the US. When you are lost, you simply open Google Maps, and you’re found. When you need to check up on prices, you just open the right app and then you’ve saved some money. Ford’s Sync Destinations app might look a bit retro, but it does allow you to sync your car navigation system with your iPhone. Once you’re in your car, the route will load automatically. That’s pretty cool in my book.

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Ford Work Solutions: The Home Office on Wheels

070809_rg_office_wheels_01.jpgWe are spending a lot of time in cars. It’s just common sense to have some kind of mobile work integration, so that all those hours spent in gridlock can actually be used for a purpose, instead of just listening to the radio. What’s so interesting is that this isn’t some after-market upgrade, but a reliable package from Ford to help mobile commercial workers remain productive while they are traveling.

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