Osaka Station City Water Display Draws with Water

Did you ever think that a fountain could be used to tell the time or to display pics? Well the Japanese sure did and this latest kind of display is pure awesomesauce, as it can even display artwork.

koei osaka station city mall water fountain clock

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Metalmorphosis Mirrored Water Fountain Scultpure Looks Like a T-1000

This incredible-looking mirrored water fountain was created by Czech sculptor David Černý for the Whitehall Technology Park in Charlotte, NC. What’s even freakier is that it will shift around its mirrored facets from time to time.

metalmorphosis charlote north carolina david cerny sculpture mirror fountain

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Green Ideas: Get Your Drinking Water From the Air!

072107_rg_waterfromair_01.jpgIn order to save some money and to just save the environment, what if you could just extract the water that you need to drink from the air? This isn’t a new idea. For anyone who’s had a moist smelling basement, dehumidifiers have been necessary to keep things from getting moldy. The water generated this way isn’t safe to drink, but a San Luis Obispo company has come up with an innovative solution.

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