The Fractal Dimension of the US ZIP Code System: 1.78!


While most people think that ZIP codes were originally created randomly, there is actually an order to the US mail system. Since it turns out that it has a branching structure, it implies that it has a fractal dimension. Samuel Arbesman of Wired’s Social Dimension used the ZIPScribbles images created by Robert Kosara to calculate the fractal dimension of the US ZIP code system.

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Ditch the Minimal and Go Maximum On Your Desktop!

Desktop wallpapers are one of the simplest ways of giving your computer a visual refresh without spending a cent. While we’ll always like minimal desktops sometimes we’re looking to add a bit of complexity and chaos (just not with our icons), especially with fractal and 3D render desktop wallpapers…

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Fractal Canyon Devours Farmland

A fractal looking canyon devours farmland in New Mexico. (via kottke)

Large Scale Fractal Universe

Is the universe fractal, even on large scales? That’s the question that some Russian and Italian scientists have put forth recently. They think it is. Other scientists aren’t so sure. (via kottke)

Droste Effect

The Droste Effect is a type of recursive image that can appear in advertising.