TCR Advanced SL ISP M-Sized With SRAM Red & Mavic K10

TCR Advanced SL in size M

The main batch of the TCR Advanced SL ISP special is arriving at the end of June. There are still some XS and S-sized models available. Not many, but a few. The M-sized bike sold this week. We’ve got an M-sized TCR Advanced SL ISP with the same components, including SRAM Red, and Mavic K10 wheels available right now. The only difference is that it’s in black and blue, as pictured above.

While I was thinking about getting the other model for myself, customers always come first, so I sold it. In my opinion, this one looks even better. This bike isn’t complete. In order to tailor it, you’ll need to choose a stem, handlebar, and saddle. We’ve got a full selection of Giant gear available, including the top of the line Giant Contact SLR garb.

Send us an email to find out more at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com.

Cervelo Project California R5CA

Snapshots of the R5CA

Cervelo has just given more information about their R5CA über light frame. It’s supposed to weigh 675-680g for a size 54. This is a quote which includes paint, derailleur mounts, seat collar and even bottle cage bolts.

Canyon Aerorad CF

Canyon's new Aerorad

Canyon just announced their new Aerorad, a more aerodynamic frame than their current roster of bikes. This frame has got a few unique features, such as an adjustable fork rake, which allows users to tune the fork to their handling preferences.

Overall, Canyon have made a gentler and less stiff ride than their other frames. The seat stay definitely remind me of a BMC frame, especially the way that they are connected to the seat tube.

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Retrovelo Bicycle Frame Bag

Retrovelo bicycle frame bag

Retrovelo’s Frame Bag looks like a great bag to get for the office commute. It saves you the trouble of getting a rack. It’s made out of 2mm thick leather and has enough space for A4-sized documents, as well as laptops.

[PicoCool via Popupwing]

The Pinarello Dogma/Prince Dilemma

2008 Pinarello Prince in Neon

If you are in the market for a frame from Pinarello, and you don’t want to spend too much money, then you should seriously consider buying a ’08 or ’09 Prince carbon frame. The Dogma is the latest and greatest from Pinarello. It just came out last fall and retails for $5,500 in the US. We have it at a better price, but it’s still quite a bit of money to pay for a frameset, which includes frame, fork, headset and MOst seatpost.

There are many different reasons to choose the Prince. It’s a race-proven frame, very stiff and responsive and, unsurprisingly, it’s actually lighter than the Dogma 60.1 frame. Pinarello, like most manufacturers, tends to quote the weight of their frames unpainted, just when they come out of the oven, without derailleur hangers. The Dogma frame has got a lot of layers of heavy paint on it, quite a bit more than the Prince. The geometry is very similar, but the ride of the Prince is more nervous and lively compared to the Dogma. The Dogma is more comfortable. So, if you’re looking for something lively, you should be looking at the Prince. If you’re looking for a stable ride, they look at the Dogma.

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3 Pinarello Dogmas In Stock

Pinarello Dogma 60.1 in 464 color

We’ve received three new Pinarello Dogma frames. Two are in the 464 color pictured above, in sizes 465 and 500. The other one is in 462 and is in size 465.

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Pinarello KOBH 60.1

Pinarello Dogma KOBH 60.1 frame

Cycling fans were abuzz this week, as Pinarello officially unveiled the KOBH 60.1 frameset. It was seen during some of the more hardcore races, including the upcoming Paris-Roubaix, which punishes unprepared riders thanks to the cobble stone paths. KOBH is pronounced “cob”, which is short for cobblestones.

Apparently, the KOBH 60.1 has been developed in parallel to the Dogma. The 60.1 moniker means that it shares the same type of carbon fiber from Torayca.

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JR’s 464 Pinarello Dogma

Front end of the bike, with the Pinarello logo

This is the second Pinarello Dogma that we’ve sold in one weekend. It took some time for us to receive this bike from our warehouse since it arrived during the Taipei International Cycle Show, but it was well worth the wait.

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YG’s Giant TCR Advanced SL ISP Frame

Blue front of the frame

It’s been a busy week. We received two frames for customers that are almost ready to be shipped out. This Giant TCR Advanced SL ISP frameset is going to the US.

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2010 Velocite Millennium Preliminary Build

2010 Velocite Millennium Elite*

I went to the shop and took some photos with a recharged battery. It’s the day after we’ve received the components and the bike still looks good. The 2010 Velocite Millennium is Velocite’s top of the line bike. It’s made out of titanium and has got a lifetime warranty. It’s also got a 3-year replacement warranty for crashes. This frame sells for $1,899 USD.

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