Change Your Speaker Like Artcoustic’s Crystal Line

092409_rg_artcoustic_01.jpgSpeakers tend to be big and black. In order to look good, you got to get creative. It’s kind of amazing what some high-end speaker companies are able to do with their speakers. For example, the Artcoustic brand specializes in speakers that look like frames.

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A Colnago Misadventure

The following testimonial of a Colnago frame buyer makes me weary of ordering a frame from a factory. I’ve long had the policy of only buying what I can see and inspect. This isn’t true for smaller items, but it is true for a bicycle frame. I’d rather inspect and touch it before I fork over a lot of money.

Giant TCR Advanced SL 0

Giant TCR Advanced SL 0
Giant TCR Advanced SL 0

I’ve just been by my trusty Giant store to get the lowdown on the most recent prices. Let me just mention that I really like the TCR Advanced SL 0. It’s got a great frame and comes decked out in SRAM Red. This is a sub-15lbs bike. It’s the top of the line road frame from Giant. The other models above this one come with Dura-Ace, and for some reason, I really like SRAM. I went around the shop asking prices for frames and bikes. You get the best deals if you get a full bike. You still get a discount on frames.

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Final Frame: Nerdbots Robots Made Out Of Household Items

Nerdbots are lovable robots created out of household items. They are created by Nicholas and Angela from Kansas City, Missouri. This idea came from a strange obsession with all things robot. One day, they just decided to make a few themselves with odds and ends lying around.

Kodak Unveils World’s First OLED Picture Frame

After Sony unveiled its OLED HDTV, we knew that digital picture frames weren’t far behind. Kodak just unveiled their brand new 7.6-inch OLED digital picture frame.