2011 Cyfac Model Range Available @ Asterisk*Cycles

Cyfac Absolu

Asterisk*Cycles now has the full range of Cyfac bicycles, from custom models to standard ones. Check out their whole range here. The Cyfac Absolu is particularly interesting. It is handmade in France and is of monocoque design, not lugged like the TIME and Colnago top end frames. Pez had a really good write-up on it. I’ve actually ordered myself a frameset as well, a 55cm Absolu that will be in my hands shortly.

Send us an email to order your Cyfac at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com.

Building A Custom Bike With Asterisk*Cycles

Pinarello Dogma Di2 My Way

One of the main reasons why you should choose Asterisk*Cycles as your place to build your own custom bike is that we offer personalized service to all of our customers. We source parts from Taiwan, the UK, and the USA to take advantage of currency conversions and markets in order to offer the best deals to our customers.

A lot of the components and frames are significantly lower with us, since we operate on slim margins and a shoestring budget (at least for now). We are currently looking at Spring for the unveiling of our new transactional website. This means that you’ll be able to purchase your wares, from bikes, framesets, components, clothes, shoes, and odds and ends, directly.

Unlike some stores and owners, I am available almost immediately once an email has been sent to me. Depending on which time zone I currently am, I can guarantee an answer to your queries within a few hours. Send us an email at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com to build your custom dream bike.

OEM Carbon Fiber Frames

The 54cm-sized frame

I’ve been asked a few times about OEM frames. Recently, I’ve come in contact with a factory from China who’s looking to sell their OEM frames. They have one carbon road bike available that’s a monocoque frame. The weave is either 3K or 12K. The finish is a raw carbon clear coating. Overall weight for a 54cm us 1,175g.




Available sizes: 48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62CM

Geometry chart of the frames

Price is $600 USD. I’ll order the frames once I get a minimum order of 4 frames/bikes. There are some Shimano components available as well. Send me an email at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com to find out more.

Dream Ride: 2011 TIME RXR-S Ulteam VIP Di2-Version

2011 TIME RXR-S Ulteam

I’ve been interested in TIME modules for a while. When I was looking for a high-end road bike frame, this one made the short list. However, a TIME rep told me that a BB30 Di2-version of the RXR would be shortly released. That meant that I had to wait. So I waited.

Finally, a few months ago we got word about the new RXR-S line from TIME, which included my personal favorite color, the VIP. The VIP module is quite stunning up close and personal. It’s hard to describe if you haven’t seen it yourself. There are a lot of details hidden away in the BoB paint scheme.

For 2011, the RXR-S has some modifications to make the bike a lot stabler. That coupled with the fact that the VIP comes in a Di2-version makes this my dream ride for 2011. I’ll have one on order shortly, wouldn’t you to order yours? Send us an email at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com to find out more.

2011 Models From Colnago, Pinarello, Time, and Giant Available

2011 TCR Advanced SL ISP

The 2011 models from Colnago, Pinarello, TIME, Giant and other manufacturers are now available. We’ve already accepted orders for a few new 2011 TIME modules and Giant. If you’re interested in ordering your own dream bike, send us an email at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com. We’ve got MTBs and road bikes in stock and available for order. We sell complete bikes, frames and components.

We also have a fine selection of unique frame and wares that you won’t find anywhere else. Let us know what you want and we’ll get it for you. We also have a number of parts and components, from high-end manufacturers available.

Send us an email at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com to find out more.

2011 Giant Line: Road & MTB

2011 TCR Advanced SL ISP

The 2011 Giant road and MTB line is ready for pre-order. A few batches of the new bikes have already been sold and the next batch will come up in a few weeks, so we’re ready to accept pre-orders on Giants. This year, there are some refinements on the MTB line, as mentioned before, and some updated specs on the road bikes. Shimano Pro components, handlebar and stem, are now used for the top end bikes, with deep dish carbon fiber wheels.

To order your dream Giant bike, send us an email at asteriskcycles at gmail dot com.

2011 TIME RXR-S Ulteam Availabe For Pre-Order

2011 RXR-S Ulteam in White/Black

The 2011 TIME RXR-S Ulteam is now available on pre-order in limited quantities. The RXR-S has some changes to make it stiffer on the front end. The frame is now BB30 and a Di2-compatible version will be available for delivery in December/January. The standard models will be available for delivery in October.

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2011 Wilier Cento Uno Superleggera AleJet in Photos

Close up of the weave

I don’t really know why this paint job is so sexy on this Wilier, but it certainly sets the bike apart from many others. The Wilier Cento Uno Superleggera is already a light bike, but this paint just makes it look very fast. In this post, you’ll find all of the photos of the Wilier Cento1 SL that I managed to find.

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Taiwan Land of the Four Eyes

My new Gucci eyeglasses

Yesterday, on my way home from work, I stopped at the usual optometrist store. I bought the cleaning solution, AO Sept, that I use for my disposable lenses. I use the liquid every day, since I take out my contacts every night, ―sometimes I only wear them for a few hours. It fizzes and bubbles the accumulated proteins away, letting me easily use a disposable Acuvue daily for a few months. I didn’t take this route lightly. Johnson & Johnson was sued by people in the US because their daily products were the same as their monthly disposable contact lenses. The only difference was that you pay a lot more for the monthly ones.

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Velocite Geos 57cm Size Frame Weighs 877g

Velocite Geos prototype

Just saw that the new Velocite Geos frame weighs 877g in size L. Victor anticipates that the S size will weigh 790g. That’s pretty cool! The prototype frames come in a high gloss finish, necessitating more paint coats, so it can easily shed some weight if it’s got a raw finish instead with clearcoat.