Periodic Table of Swearing: Always Pick the Right One for the Right Occasion

You know, there are some really great swear words out there, and if you’re not living with someone who’s easily offended, they can be nice to try out. There’s probably a swear for every occasion, and while some might think swearing a bit crass, others will find it hilarious.

periodic swearing clay interactive funny keyboard

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QR Codes in Fashion & Art: Perfect for the Holidays

120911_rg_QRCodeArt_01.jpgWhile not everyone has jumped on the QR code bandwagon, the codes themselves are strangely alluring, since they allow smartphone cameras to capture information quickly and easily. That being said, there are quite a few different ways that QR codes have been used over the last few years that make them unique. Here are some that we noticed recently.

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Call of Cthulhu Christmas Calendar App: Go Really Insane for the Holidays

What’s better than a Cthulhu 2012 calendar? How about a calendar app, that will deliver complete insanity directly to your mobile device? It sounds like some Cthulhu cultists have embraced new technology in order to make more people insane during this holiday season. I’m all for this, as people are already loony this time of year.

cthulhu calendar app red wasp design mythos lovecraft ios android

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LEGO Recycling Bins for Giant Brick Builders

These cool recycling and storage containers were created by the Italian design studio Flussocreative. They basically look like huge LEGO building blocks.

lego bins storage recycling flussocreative italian

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Holga Lens Filter Case Makes iPhones into LomoPhones

The Holga iPhone 4 Lens Filter Kit is the perfect way to turn your iPhone photography on its head, without having to rely on digital filter effects. Plus, it’s cheap enough that you won’t balk as offering it to someone on a gift exchange or as a stocking stuffer.

holga iphone case digital imaging filters retro

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Doctor Who Pixel Animations by Lucie Patron

To celebrate the fact that Doctor Who started up again last Saturday, it’s only fitting that we find these cute little animated GIFs that Lucie Patron made. Well, technically they aren’t GIFs, they are Flash files, but they’re basically done to look like pixelated animated GIFs.

lucie patron doctor who animation pixel

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Wooden Rubber Band Submachine Gun: Elastics Gone Wild

Ah rubber band guns! There’s something cool about making something so complicated to launch a barrage of rubber bands. Check out this rubber band gun [JP] made by some Japanese genius, based upon the FN P90, a Belgian submachine gun.

rubber band gun submachine fn p90 wood diy japan

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Flower Grenades: For Peaceful Eco-Terrorists

When you see a vacant lot that’s fenced off and no one seems to care about it all that much, why not throw some grenades at it? No, not the ordinary explosive kind – but instead use some Flower Grenades. These ‘grenades’ will sow seeds wherever you want to, thanks to the smart way that they are put together. They’re perfect for the eco-warrior in you.

flower grenade suck uk fun eco warrior friendly green fun

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Stargate Coasters: Commiserate Stargate Universe’s Demise With a Cup of Joe

Poor, Stargate. Stargate Universe had to be canceled just when it was getting good. The worst part is that you’re left with all these open-ended questions, which will probably never get answered. If you are a Stargate fan and are in utter despair, don’t worry, because these coasters will make you feel better!

stargate coaster sg-1 drink

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The AutoWed: Get Married in an Instant

If going to Vegas to get hitched isn’t quick enough for you, check out what the AutoWed can do for you. It’s an automatic wedding machine. While I don’t think that it is recognized in all U.S. States (in fact, probably none) it makes you think about what marriage will be like in the future. It will probably most likely be more like an app from an App Store or a relationship status update on Facebook.

autowed conceptshed wedding machine automated robot future tech

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