Fiat In Brazil

There is this Fiat car dealership in Brazil that has this most peculiar name. It’s funny in a strange way. (via cf)

Look! iPhone Cupcakes

Is it getting close to lunchtime? Is your stomach starting to rumble? Even though your iPhone does a lot of things, don’t you just wish that you could eat it sometimes? Well, now these iPhone themed cupcakes are coming to the rescue. This is sure to make you smile.

Cat Curling

I play curling with my cat. I use Yoda as a curling weight and throw her around on the slippery tiles. It’s a lot of fun and my dog Spike enjoys chasing her. I also play some more curling with her when I sweep the floors. I sweep her around a bit as well.

This Week In Pictures By Delicious Ghost

This week in pictures by Delicious Ghost. (some NSFW)

Reblogging Julia Vs Julia Allison

Julia Allison thinks she knows who is behind Reblogging Julia.

Exposed To Dungeons And Dragons At An Early Age?

Have you been exposed to Dungeons & Dragons at a young age? From the NY Times. (via kottke)