Gravity Balans Chair: Let Gravity Rock You to Sleep

Varier Furniture Gravity Balans Chair

When you’re busy, you need all of the power naps you can get. Things are a lot easier when you have a über-comfortable chair like the Gravity Balans. The fact of the matter is that this recliner will work well in your workstation as well.

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L’EDITO Tangram Chinese Puzzle Cabinet


This shelving unit was made to look like a Chinese Tangram puzzle. The L’EDITO Tangram has asymmetrical pieces that have been arranged in a pleasing form. It was designed by the At-Once Studio.

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La Boite Concept Laptop Docks & Integrated Furniture

Combining the right furniture with the right tech can get difficult, especially when you consider how many different kinds of components are available. This is why these new smart pieces of furniture include everything you’d want in a home theater system or a laptop dock. These all-in-one solutions aren’t cheap, but they’ll keep your home theater and home office looking clutter-free.

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Turn Your Furniture Into One Giant LED Nightlight

072811_rg_GlowingIKEAVestby_02.jpgWhen you mention nightlights, most of think of those cheap, and often ugly, tiny plug-in models. But you can go a wholly different route by combining a drawer, armoire, or wardrobe with a transparent doors and a LED light to create a unique solution for illumination, turning your furnishing into one large night light.

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Making the All IKEA Look Less Plain Vanilla

071411_rg_LessVanillaIKEA_01.jpgGetting the home office furniture isn’t always possible. Sometimes, you just got to go with whatever works. A lot of people are using furniture that comes from IKEA. While there it’s easy to set up your whole home office from IKEA, if you use your imagination, you can come up with some interesting hacks and reuses to make your work area less plain.

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TRON Armchair: Coming Soon to Your Living Room

Back in 2010, Cappellini presented the TRON Armchair, designed by Dror Benshetrit. Inspired by the Outlands of TRON: Legacy, only a handful of prototypes were made. Now it looks like these chairs will be going into mass production for Walt Disney’s Signature line, so you soon will be able to have one in your place.

tron armchair cappellini movie reality italian made science fiction

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Rearranging to Give New Life to Your Home Office

020811_rg_KeiiunHomeOfice_01.jpgYou don’t always have to spend a lot of money in order to remodel your home office. Sure, money will help matters, but as Keiiun has demonstrated, sometimes all you need is to rearrange your furniture to give your room or home office new life. Check out what he was able to do with a simple clean sweep and some hard work.

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Hacked Desk & Chair Make Frugal Home Office

When you’re on a budget, it’s not always easy to find what you need to make your home office furniture. However, for the enterprising DIY-enthusiast, there are always plenty of options, if you know where to look. Whether it’s scrounging, hacking, or simply finding great deals, you can make a great home office for little money if you know some tricks.

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Giving Your Home Office An Expensive-Looking Makeover

While it’s safe to say that most home office furniture from big-name stores like IKEA tends to look alike, it’s actually not that hard to make it look unique and more expensive-looking with a few tweaks, whether it be your desk or shelving…

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TV Flash Lamp Hides LCD Monitors While Not In Use

This great lamp will actually be able to hide your HDTV, which is kind of cool, since when they aren’t in use, HDTVs tend to loom over living rooms. This smart design comes courtesy of Denis Santachiara for the furniture maker Roche Bobois.

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