The POP: Portable Power Station to Charge All Your Mobile Devices

With smartphones and tablets, mobile users always seem to be on the lookout for a spot for their next charge. I know that I’ve been in this situation: stuck in the middle of nowhere with no way of juicing up my phone. The POP aims to change this, thanks to its bucket-like format filled with buckets of power.

pop station charge gadget mobile

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BioLite CampStove Generates Electricity to Charge Your Gadgets

Have you ever been stuck in the wilderness and your devices are about to fail because there is just no way to charge them back up? Check out BioLite’s CampStove, which will allow you to cook or heat your food while charging up your gadgets at the same time.

biolite campstove 1

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And the ‘App of the Year’ Award Goes to…

101911-T3Awards.jpgThe 2011 T3 Gadget Awards took place at Old Billingsgate Market, London, on October 10th and over 950,000 reader votes helped the judges make their final decisions in the process. Between some of the obvious contenders, like the Amazon Kindle and iPad 2, are other products recognized for innovation and popularity in their specific categories. Here’s a selection of some of the more interesting winners crowned…see whether you agree with your UK equivalents!

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Vulcan Hand Flash Drive: Fascinating.

Here’s another very geeky flash drive that is kind of awesome in its own way. It’s too bad that it only has 2GB, but then again, you’re not paying for the size, you’re paying for a USB flash drive in the form of the traditional Vulcan greeting. Plus, it will help your data live long and prosper.

star trek vulcan usb flash drive 2gb computing fun

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Thanko Fanbrella: Cheaper and Cooler

The first time I heard about fanbrellas was a short while ago, and I guess they make sense in very humid and wet climates. It didn’t take Thanko long to announce their version of the Fanbrella. Even though it’s cheaper, it actually looks somewhat sturdier than the one we mentioned before.

thanko fanbrella umbrella fan summer rain shine

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Portable Wi-Fi Jammer: Pocket Evil

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of jamming cell phones as much as the next guy, but isn’t it illegal to do so? Still, when there comes a time when you need to block the texts of a 12-year old girl, then I’m all for cell phone jamming. But Wi-Fi jamming? Shouldn’t information be free?

wifi jammer chinavision gadget

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Ultra-Tiny Bluetooth Keyboard: So Small It’s Almost of No Use

If you’re getting annoyed with your touchscreen devices, instead of getting a Crackberry, why not try this ultra-tiny keyboard with your existing gadgets?

ipazzport keyboard bluetooth iphone brando ipad ps3

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