LEGO + Transformer + Game Boy: A 1980s Three-fer

This LEGO Game Boy build has all of the right influences, from LEGO bricks, to Transformers when they were still in cartoon format, and naturally that good old green-screened Game Boy that I played until the screen broke.

domaster lego brick game boy transformer 01

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Game Boy Swimsuit: Guys, Bet You’d Like to Push Her Buttons

After their C-3PO and R2-D2 swimsuits, Black Milk has is showing off this Nintendo Game Boy swimsuit, for all you retro gaming fans. It also joins the ranks of the Pac-Man swimsuit that we saw last month.

game boy swimsuit black milk clothing nintendo retro

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Nintendo Game Boy Tube Dress: Press Start to Play

After seeing Miss Death Star the other day, it made me wonder what other cool, retro geek-chic outfits were out there for those of you without the time to make a DIY cosplay getup. These tube dresses will allow you to dress up like a life-size Nintendo Game Boy.

nintendo game boy tube dress hereandtherevintage retro

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Grilled Sausage Scented iPhone Soap: WTF?

Sure, the iPhone is a great smartphone, so I guess it’s kind of fun to make a soap that looks like one, but why in the world would you make it smell like grilled sausage? In fact, would anyone use grilled sausage scented soap?

iphone game boy soap novelty twoeggplants

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Game Boy Color iPhone 4 Decal: Nintendophone

Are you looking for a unique decal? Take a look at this Game Boy Color iPhone 4 decal that will make the back of your precious iPhone look almost like a classic Game Boy.

game boy color decal iphone 4 sticker apple

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Zim and Zou’s Paper Game Boy Won’t Let You Play, But Still Looks Cool

This colorful Game Boy isn’t really an customized old school Nintendo Game Boy. Nah. It’s actually completely made out of paper! Well, it sure fooled me.

paper game boy nintendo zim and zou

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Turn You Calculator into a Game Boy

We’ve all done it. Wasted time on a calculator when we should be studying. I remember whole classes spent on the little minesweeper game I had on my HP 48. We guess that Mark spent part of his time in a similar, which is why he decided to put a whole Game Boy inside a TI-83 calculator. Read on to find out more.