MyndPlay Helps Cool Fiery Tempers Everywhere

The saying goes that cooler heads will prevail, and that is especially true when it comes down to any kind of gaming. No matter how angry or frustrated you get, you always play better calm. The MyndPlay headset will force you to cool down, and has been use as such to staunch unwanted behavior.

myndplay neurosky mind control headset

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TheO Foam Ball: Throw Your Phone Around

While it’s never been recommended to chuck around your precious smartphone, it looks like the new TheO Foam ball will allow you to do so, at least in a reasonable manner. While you probably won’t want to play dodgeball with your iPhone inside of it, there are specially-designed games that you can play with it.

Theo Foam Smart Ball 01

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Mega Man X on iOS: Rockman Hits the iPhone

Are you the type of gamer who enjoys playing retro games, especially the ones that you loved when you were younger? Well check out Mega Man X, which was just released for the iPhone and iPod Touch (sorry no iPad version yet.) I remember playing Mega Man X on the SNES console for hours and now you can do the same on your iPhone.

mega man ios x game video retro capcom

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Tetris Link Board Game More Like Connect 4 Than Actual Tetris

How man hours did you play Tetris on your green-screened Game Boy? I played for a long time, until I passed level 12 and it was just too much for me. Now, after more than 26 years, Tetris has been turned into a board game.

tetris video game board link john adams retro

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The iPad Arcade Accessory Becomes Reality

While this was posted as a joke for April’s Fools by ThinkGeek, it’s actually been turned into a functioning device by an enterprising modder. Granted, it’s made out of cardboard, but once he makes a more permanent case, it’s going to be quite popular.

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LEGO + Star Wars + Foosball = Awesome

This incredible Foosball table was made by Austrian Star Wars and LEGO nut 2×4. He put this table together with LEGO bricks, and to top it off, it’s fully playable.

lego foosball star wars games play

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