Thermaltake BMW Level 10 M Mouse: Skeletor Returns!

Thermaltake and BMW’s DesignWorksUSA came up with the Level 10 computer case a while back. Now, they teamed up again for the eye-popping Level 10 M Mouse. The mouse was designed with ergonomics in mind, and looks like it’s aimed squarely at the gaming community.

bmw thermaltake level 10 mouse

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Corsair Vengeance K60 & K90 FPS Keyboards and Mice: Just for Gamers

These new Corsair Vengeance keyboards and mice are made specifically for gaming. They each have a sturdy aluminum chassis, and have high quality Cherry MX Red key switches.

corsair vengeance keyboard fps gaming mmo windows mice k60

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Razer Blade Gaming Laptop: Not the First Gaming Laptop, But it Sure Looks Impressive

While Razer would like to call it the “World’s First True Gaming Laptop,” it certainly isn’t, but the new Razer Blade has got a host of impressive features which might attract hardcore gamers to this platform. It will also be something for users who are looking for high-performance laptops, and don’t want to lug around systems as heavy as traditional gaming PCs.

razer blade gaming laptop sleek

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8-Bit Assassin’s Creed Looks Better than any 8-Bit Console Game I Ever Saw

I like Assassin’s Creed and I’ve played it a bit, but I also like retro games. Maybe I would have liked it better if Assassin’s Creed were an 8-bit game on the NES. Check out this sweet animation that was created to showcase just this.

assassin's creed 8-bit video game animation 2d retro

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Razer Star Wars The Old Republic Keyboard & Mouse: Gaming with the Sith

One of the best games that I’ve played was Knights of the Old Republic. Hopefully, Bioware’s upcoming title, Star Wars: The Old Republic, will be something along the same lines (in a MMORPG way). Needless to say, if you’re gaming on your PC, you’ll need a nifty keyboard and mouse combo, which is why Razer is releasing their new Old Republic-themed peripherals.


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Space Invader Chair Concept Needs to Be Real

I was floored when I saw this Space Invader chair. It comes in a nice array of colors and looks pretty comfortable on top of looking fantastically retro. Sure, it’s not a Space Invaders love seat, but then again, having two of these colorful invaders in your pad would make it look even awesomer.

space invaders chair dorothy retro video game classic prototype

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N-Control Avenger Rig for XBox 360 Controllers Gets an Upgrade

N-Control has just released an updated version of their Avenger, an insane-looking Xbox 360 controller rig. Why would you need it? It’s supposed to make gaming a lot easier thanks to its special button extenders.

n-control avenger xbox 360 controller rig gaming video games

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Psyko Carbon and Krypton Surround Headphones Wrap Your Ears in Sound

Psyko has released two new gaming headphones, the Carbon and Krypton. They’ve updated the look and feel of their ‘phones, which is good in my book. They have better ergonomics than earlier models, including improvements to weight and fit.

psyko headphones krypton carbon gaming computing

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Wii UNLimited Edition: Unnecessary But Cool Water-Cooling

I get the point about cooling an Xbox 360. Those suckers overheat pretty quickly, but the Nintendo Wii? I’ve never heard any complaints over that console’s heat, but that didn’t stop Angel OD from the Bit-Tech Forums to water-cool his Wii, in this completely superfluous hack. It’s called the Wii UNLimited Edition.

water cool wii nintendo console hack mod

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Atari Joystick Jewelry Box: 8-Bit Fashion

While I don’t really need a jewelry box, I have to say that this one does look pretty awesome. It’s perfect for the retro gamer geek or geekette to store jewelry and other stuff that needs to be hidden away.

atari box wood jewelry retro video games

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