Gaming Hubs: Make Your Own Or Buy One?

012611_rg_DIYGaming_01.jpgYesterday, we mentioned a few ways to keep your gaming area clean and organized. However, what if instead of making and/or hacking your own, you could buy one? Which would be the best to use? Read on to find out more.

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Keeping Your Gaming Area Organized

012511_rg_OrgHomTheaConsole_01.jpgIt’s true that if you are a console gamer, then you need to keep you gaming area tidy, as they can rapidly become very messy very quickly. The trick is to be consistent and clean up each and every time, otherwise the mess seems to grow on its own.

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Use Winter Air to Cool a Blindingly-Hot PC

Yes we know; gaming PCs can get very hot. There was a time when I had one inside my bedroom and I usually had to turn down the heat when I was playing. Sure, nowadays, you can get liquid-cooled PCs, but an enterprising modder decided to use the cool winter air to get his PC down to manageable temperatures.

winter air pc cooling outside prank real diy mod

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Game Racing Ottoman

I don’t know what possessed an Australian modder to come up with this hack, but I have to say that I’m surprised that it hasn’t popped up before.

video games gaming ottoman hacks racing
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Condoms For Retro Gamers: Let the Games Begin!

Everyone needs condoms, but this is the best condom packaging that I’ve ever seen. These ones really stand out. There’s a reason why. They were made for geeks.

retro gaming condoms ilikedoodles

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Nyko’s Wii Gaming Accessories: Type, Charge And Shoot!

If the standard Wii-mote isn’t cool enough for you and your Wii, then maybe you should check out Nyko’s latest offerings. They include the Type Pad, a charger for 4 Wii-motes and a new gun peripheral.

wand nyko wii-mote wii video games

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Multimedia Seat: Perfect Complement For Your Home Theater

062409_rg_multimediaseat_01.jpgWhen you are getting ready to watch your favorite movie or playing your favorite game, it’s usually great to have a specific seat in which you can get really comfortable. It’s important that these technological chairs mesh in with the rest of your living room. You can’t just have this one chair upsetting the look and feel of your media room. That’s one of the reasons why we don’t think that the giant multimedia chairs will ever work in such spaces. They just mess up how everything else looks.

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Nova Slider X600: The Mouse That Does Gaming and Design


One thing that we have realized, is that a good gaming mouse makes a great design mouse. Gaming mice are usually more precise, have less lag, and perform faster than regular mice. Also, the best are usually tethered to the computer via a cable. The thing is that the Nova Slider X600 isn’t only tethered to your computer, it’s also tethered to a recommended mouse pad, one of the cornerstone products for the French company.

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More On The Red Ring Of Death Of Xbox 360

An interview with someone who knows more about the red ring of death of the Xbox 360 console.