Stainless Steel Washing Machine Drum Used As Fire Pit

Ever since I remember, we’ve been using stainless steel washing machine drums as makeshift fire pits. They are great to have around during long summer nights, perfect for making s’mores and relaxing with friends.

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Garbage Bin From the Future: Keeps Smells Away

052809_rg_minus_garbage_01.jpgWe don’t really like garbage bins. They end up being smelly and leaky most of the time. You have to clean the garbage can out so many times that it gets annoying in the end. Plus, the smells can be ghastly. There is nothing worse than coming home from work and realizing that the first thing that you are smelling is your garbage. Sure, this is a lesson that we can take to heart and empty out our garbage more often, but still, there must be something that can be done to make life easier, right? The Minus garbage can is right out of science-fiction and will keep your home smelling great!

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Darren Atkinson, Dumpster Diver

Cory Doctorow interviews Darren Atkinson a professional dumpster diver. (via kottke)