Steampunk Jewelry: Gears For Geeks

Naturally, these cool pieces of handmade jewelry aren’t for everyone, but the steampunk allure that maker Ricky Wolbrom injects into her designs is kind of amazing if you are into the retro-mechanical look.


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Google Reader Firefox 3.5 Problem Related to Gears

I’ve been having problems with Firefox 3.5. Don’t get me wrong, the update is great, but my main tool, Google Reader, stopped working last night. It was very frustrating. I rapidly established that GReader functioned in Chrome and IE, so the problem was with FF 3.5.

When I heard that Google Gears had problems with FF3.5, I suspected that it was culpable, even though I had disabled Gears a while ago. So if you are part of the millions of users of GReader running into problems with FF 3.5, update your Google Gears, enable it and you should be fine.

It was extremely annoying to work with two different browsers to do my work. I cannot understand why big companies like Google and Mozilla would release a product and not make sure that it is compatible with major add-ons and vice versa.

Use Google Gears And GreaseMonkey To Take Wikipedia Offline

Use Google Gears and Greasemonkey to take Wikipedia offline.

Google Gears And Wikipedia Offline

With the latest update to Google Gears, I’ve acutally had my FF crash multiple times while trying to access Wikipedia by using the GreaseMonkey script to take Wiki offline. I’ve disabled the scripts. No amount of tinkering made it work. Anyone else had this problem? Then again, I never used the script so it’s better left uninstalled.

Google Gears Beta

With Google Gears Beta, you can take online apps offline. For example, you can take Google Reader with all your feeds offline and simply connect to synchronize. Pretty cool.