Steampunk Jewelry: Gears For Geeks

Naturally, these cool pieces of handmade jewelry aren’t for everyone, but the steampunk allure that maker Ricky Wolbrom injects into her designs is kind of amazing if you are into the retro-mechanical look.


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Tweet Sleeve: Wear Your Emotions On Your Sleeve

I think social networking is sometimes like over-sharing. Really, do you really need to share every little insignificant detail of your life with the entire universe? Now here’s something that reveals even more about your inconsequential tweets – clothes that tell the whole world how you feel!


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Blade Runner Stiletto Cop Heels Make You Want to Get Pulled Over

These futuristic illuminated police stiletto heels are kind of look like a strange fusion of vehicles and shoes. I don’t really know why these are necessary, but hey, if they make police officers more visible they might be relevant at some point.

stiletto police heels shoes

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Space Invader Tights For Gamer Girls

These outrageous Space Invaders tights are great for gamer girls who don’t mind wearing skin-tight clothing covered with retro pixel game art.

space invader tights geek wear

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