Goal Zero Escape 150 Adventure Kit


If the Goal Zero Yeti is a bit too much for your solar charging needs, then you should consider the Escape 150 Adventure Kit. This portable unit will allow you to charge up your gadgets on the go, especially if you’re in the woods, with no power outlet nearby. The Escape 150 can power up lights, cellphones and laptops.

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BioLite CampStove Generates Electricity to Charge Your Gadgets

Have you ever been stuck in the wilderness and your devices are about to fail because there is just no way to charge them back up? Check out BioLite’s CampStove, which will allow you to cook or heat your food while charging up your gadgets at the same time.

biolite campstove 1

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Creating Your Own USB Bike Generator

More and more people are using bikes when they are traveling or commuting. It’s a nice way to travel, especially during the summer. One of the problems of using your bike is that you usually can’t charge your phone or other gadgets while you’re riding. This hack solves this matter.

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