Portishead Third Review

During the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival in Minehead England in December 2007, Portishead played their first full live set in 10 years, featuring five new songs – “Hunter”, “Machine Gun”, “Wicca” (retitled as “Silence”) “Mystic” (retitled as “The Rip”) and “Peaches” (retitled as “We Carry On”) which appear on Third.The album was leaked onto torrent sites in its entirety and in high quality (320kbps). I’ve listening to the album during most of the day while a winter storm furiously beats down snowfall and searing winds. It’s haunting, incredible, modern, dark and moody. Beth Gibbons’ haunting voice still evokes incredible emotions.

I’ve got no idea why Third was leaked onto the internet. Millions of fans are waiting for this album. It will be a success. It will go quadruple platinum. Portishead will go on another whirlwind tour of the world, playing to sold out venues and stadiums all over the place. Gibbons, Barrow and Utley came out with a masterpiece. I didn’t know what to expect when I got this album. I’ve started listening to Tricky and the old trip-hop crew once more.

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