Geometric Superheroes: Rectangles, Assemble!

Remember those cool polygon superhero images by James Reid? Well Rene Schiffer takes our heroes a bit further into pixel-land by using only rectangles in his version. None of his designs uses any other shapes but rectangles and none have more than 20 colors.

Rectangle rene schiffer superheroes hulk

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Vasare Nar iPhone and iPad Cases: Geometry Wars

As many of us will probably admit, I have multiple cases for my iPad and iPhone, because I like so many of the designs out there. While I don’t go for stuff that’s too off the wall, like those bunny ear cases that I’ve seen, these geometric cases for iPhones and covers for iPads by Vasare Nar are just distinctive enough for me.

vasare nar iphone ipad skins 01

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Bare Essentials: Characters Get Minimal, Still Recognizable

Bare Essentials is a book by Dennis de Groot featuring images which reduce popular video game, comic book, and other characters to their most basic representation, using simple geometric shapes. Just like those pixel characters by Ty Lettau, they reduce characters to their most basic essentials.

bare essentials nalden characters geometric dennis de groot

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