Low Arctic Snow Cover Could be Trouble for Permafrost


June Arctic snow cover in the Northern Hemisphere dropped by almost 18% per decade over the last 30 years. This drop in snow cover will lower the amount of sunlight reflected away from the planet, which is part of a cooling effect, and result in darker, less reflective soil being exposed to the sun’s rays.

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Sediments Suggest Lake Geneva was Devastated by an Ancient Tsunami

Swiss city of Geneva

Over a century after the Romans gave up control of what’s today Geneva, Switzerland, in 563 A.D., a deadly tsunami on Lake Geneva poured over the city’s walls. It originated from a rock fall, near the place where the River Rhône enters the opposite side of the lake. The ensuing tsunami destroyed villages, livestock and killed many people, according to historical accounts.

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Xenon Gas Has Almost Vanished from the Atmosphere


Xenon, the second heaviest of the chemically inert noble gases, seems to have vanished from the Earth’s atmosphere; but German geoscientists think that they figured out where it went.

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Geological Record Shows Earth’s Oxygen Came from Mantle Cooling


Researchers have discovered that the proliferation of oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere was linked to a sudden change in its mantle, billions of years ago, during the Paleoproterozoic era.

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1930s Photos Reveal History of Greenland Glaciers


Rediscovered aerial photos of Greenland from the 1930s have allowed scientists to construct the history of the glacier retreat and advance in the area. The photos were rediscovered in a castle outside Copenhagen, Denmark, and they have allowed Anders Bjork and his colleagues to develop a deeper understanding of how climate change has affected the ice loss and glacier movements of the last 80 years.

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