Huawei Ascend G 615 Smartphone Heads to Deutschland

There are tons of smartphones available these days, and Chinese gadget makers Huawei have just announced a new model which will be released in Germany very soon. If you like what you see, then you’ll be happy to know that this phone will probably make its way into other international markets in a short while as well.

huawei ascend g 615 smartphone

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Tombox Speakers: The Upcycled Sound

There’s something about old speaker housings, especially from the 60s and 70s. They are usually thick, big things that have a great look with design appeal. These speakers made from discarded old speakers that have been upgraded with new components.

tombox speaker reused recycled upcycled audio

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Prehistoric Fossilized Eocene Epoch Turtles Died Locked In Coitus


These extraordinary 47-million year old fossils depict prehistoric turtles reproducing. The study was led by Walter Joyce, of the University of Tübingen in Germany, and published in the journal Biology Letters.

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How the Holmzaden Ichthyosaur Sank Before the Cretaceous-Paleogene Extinction Event


Paleontologist Alim Reisdorf and the co-authors of a new study published in the journal Paleobiodiversity & Paleoenvironments have been trying to figure out exactly how the Holmzaden ichthyosaurs sank and was preserved, right before the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction pulse.

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Retro TV iPhone Case: 500,000 Apps, and Nothing’s on

This cute little felt case for the iPhone will work with your brand new iPhone 4S. The cover showcases the TV color bars that were broadcast once your favorite TV channel went off the air. It’s a soft carrying case, rather than a hard plastic one to protect your smartphone.

dawanda tv iphone case felt

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WALL-E Mobile PC Can Actually Move Around, Not Sure on Garbage Collection

German tinkerer Thechoozen from Cologne built this incredible-looking WALL-E robot that has a mini PC inside. That’s not all. The whole thing was made out of sheet metal and also has an RC unit so that this case can actually move around, and he has a pair of webcams hidden behind his eyeballs to capture a 3D POV image wherever WALL-E roams.

pc case wall-e remote control rc mod hack

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54″ of Screen Real Estate: Ronny’s Dual Screen Setup

What a view! Ronny’s dual screen home workstation provides quite the refreshing outdoor view, thanks to the two 27″ displays stretching across his desk. An iMac drives an additional and complementary 27″ Cinema Display, providing him with plenty of screen space, while also keep his desk free of clutter thanks to the fact the CPU resides inside one of the monitors…

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2010 World Cup 3rd Place Germany Vs Uruguay

What should have been an easy match for Germany almost ended in extra time, thanks to a beautiful attempt by Floran.

The games started quickly enough with a goal by Müller. Then, things calmed down for a while, but Uruguay scored, evening up the score. Uruguay was outplaying Germany and Cavani scored at 28′ leading into the second half.

Uruguay then scored their second goal. It was a beauty by Floran. Now, things were not looking good for a short time, but Jansen scored a few minutes later with a beautiful header. The game was back to being nervous for a while, until Khedira scored at 82′ sealing the victory for Germany.

It was almost lost thanks to Floran who’s incredible penalty kick hit the top of the goal post at the end of regulation time.

Suarez spent his time on the pitch being booed by the crowd. This was in reaction to his handball that stopped Ghana from scoring a victory goal . I think that it was well deserved because he is a cheat. For something like this, the goal should have been awarded to Ghana, Suarez should then have gotten a red card. I didn’t like how this played out because Gyan missed the penalty. Then the game went into a penalty shootout. It was only natural that Ghana lost that.

The booing from the crowd distracted Suarez from the top of his game. He regained some confidence later. Klose is sick so he was absent. If Müller had been in the semi-final, maybe the Germans would have won against Spain. Now, we’re two hours away from the final. I hope the Dutch beat Spain.

2010 World Cup: Germany Vs Spain

I don’t really know what happened to this game. My wife enjoyed it, but I didn’t. Most of the offensive German players were effectively shut down by Spain. However Spain kept making a few too many passes and kept missing the goal. Müller was suspended because of his 2 yellow cards and his replacements didn’t do the job.

Özil touched the ball more, but wasn’t able to score. Germany had a few good chances, but Spain had quite a few more. In the end, Germany was completely outplayed. I just wonder why this happened, because it didn’t seem to be the same team who won the previous matches so decisively.

The match was very frustrating to watch because Spain kept missing the goal. At one point, Spain had 4 times more corner kicks than Germany. Anyway, I’m disappointed that the Germans are out, but I’ll be rooting for the Dutch. Hopefully, Arjen Robben and his squad will be able to shut the Spaniards down.

Puyol scored finally with a beautiful header from a corner kick late in the 2nd half.

2010 World Cup Semi Finals

With the quarter finals over, the Netherlands will face Uruguay int he semi-finals while the Germans take on Spain. It’s obvious that the Germans will move onto the finals, unless Spain can manage to get back into it. Their performance wasn’t very impressive in yesterday’s game, so I honestly doubt that they’ll be able to win it against the Germans. Also, even if some players weren’t have a great day for Germany, they were able to win in a convincing fashion. My money’s on Germany to win this year’s World Cup.

I’m sure that the Netherlands will destroy Uruguay. They are clearly not in the same league and the Dutch, after having dispatched Brazil, will have no problems moving onto the finals.

So it looks like we’ll have a European final, with the Netherlands facing off against Germany. Once again, I think that Germany will prevail, although we’ll have to see how it all ends.

The type of play is also quite different, between the Latin teams and the Northern European teams. I don’t like the amount of faking and fake fouling that happens when Latin American teams play, especially South Americans. This happens a lot less with the Germans. It’s surprising that Argentina and Brazil weren’t able to move on. For a while, it looked like it would be an all South American quarter-final.

It’s also good that the matches are now better spaced apart. I’ve had to stop checking up Twitter and my feeds while I watch the games after they have been aired. While I could watch the first match during the same night, since it aired at 10PM local time, it was much harder for the later game, which aired at 2:30AM. I had to wait for the next day. The Dutch game is on the 6th while the German game is on the 7th. The finals are on the 11th.