Aronosfky Hired To Direct Robocop And A Few Other Thoughts

MGM has hired Darren Aronosfky to direct the new Robocop movie, which will come out in 2010. It’s going to be a reboot/remake, not a next installment in the franchise. David Self will write the screenplay. I’d just like to say that Robocop was an extraordinary movie. When Criterion adds a movie to their collection, that means that it’s pretty darn good.

Now, about the remake/reboot business. I don’t know. They did the same thing with Batman and it was pretty successful. Robocop was a great movie, I must have watched it dozens of times as the years flew by.

Is Hollywood running out of ideas?

The current resurgence of super hero movies has already hit a plateau. Honestly, there are still some movies left to be produced that will be worth watching, but I wasn’t really that impressed with Iron Man or the new Hulk. X-Men 3 was also wobbly. The Spidey franchise is doing well. Superman kind of sucked in my book. Ghost Rider? Don’t get me started.

From the last two Marvel movies, I get the idea that the Avengers is next. Will it suck or rock?

Batman of course is doing nice and dandy, thanks to The Dark Knight, which was spectacular in my mind. I’ll watch it again on the weekend before I write my full review.

Another reboot which worked really well was the new James Bond movie, Casino Royale. I really liked it, although the franchise has always been pretty successful. Speaking of which, Quantum of Solace isn’t far off. Does anybody else think that the 007 movies have great titles? Quantum of Solace, that’s a pretty sweet title!

Suzuki Gixxer And Ghost Rider

Recently, I’ve been reading up on a few super sport bikes, and the GSX-R comes to the forefront, with the Honda CBR-1000 and the Yamaha YZF R1. The Suzuki has got some interesting looks and an excellent stock exhaust system. On top of that, it has 185 bhp, if you could believe that!

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