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  • Brando Pac-Man Ghost Lamps: But Where are Pinky, Inky and Clyde?

    While I doubt that Brando asked to license these from Namco, they’re certainly fun lamps for your work area. These USB Light-Sensitive Ghost Lamp’s light up like a Christmas tree whenever it senses that you need more light, all the while looking vaguely like the ghosts from Pac-Man. Read more @ Technabob

  • Soundfreaq Ghost Sound Platform: The (iPhone) Friendliest Ghost You Know

    What is it about characters that are named Ghost that works so well? I liked Ghost in The Matrix and Matrix games, the direwolf named Ghost in A Game of Thrones, and there are probably other instances of this name working well. This time around, Soundfreaq’s new dock now comes available in a white version, […]

  • Taipei International Cycle Show Part 1

    I arrived early on the first day of the Taipei International Cycle Show. It took a while to get my pass in order. My friend who had a ticket breezed through. As I entered 1F of the expo, I started walking around.

  • Dollhouse Ghost S01E01 (Fox)

    Dollhouse is a new science-fiction series by Joss Whedon, starring Eliza Dushku on Fox. Dushku plays a young woman code-named Echo, who’s forcefully volunteered to become a Doll at the Dollhouse. Dolls are have blank slates for personalities, which are imprinted with new ones depending on the mission or they have to complete. This can […]

  • Monkey Terminator

    A monkey controls a robotic arms with its mind. (via delicious ghost)