Brando Pac-Man Ghost Lamps: But Where are Pinky, Inky and Clyde?

While I doubt that Brando asked to license these from Namco, they’re certainly fun lamps for your work area. These USB Light-Sensitive Ghost Lamp’s light up like a Christmas tree whenever it senses that you need more light, all the while looking vaguely like the ghosts from Pac-Man.

usb brando ghost light lamp pac-man

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Soundfreaq Ghost Sound Platform: The (iPhone) Friendliest Ghost You Know

What is it about characters that are named Ghost that works so well? I liked Ghost in The Matrix and Matrix games, the direwolf named Ghost in A Game of Thrones, and there are probably other instances of this name working well. This time around, Soundfreaq’s new dock now comes available in a white version, perfect to match your white iPhone 4 or white iPad 2. And naturally, they smartly named it Ghost.

soundfreaq sound platform dock iphone ipod touch sfq-01 white ghost

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Taipei International Cycle Show Part 1


I arrived early on the first day of the Taipei International Cycle Show. It took a while to get my pass in order. My friend who had a ticket breezed through. As I entered 1F of the expo, I started walking around.

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Dollhouse Ghost S01E01 (Fox)

Image via Wikipedia
Image via Wikipedia

Dollhouse is a new science-fiction series by Joss Whedon, starring Eliza Dushku on Fox. Dushku plays a young woman code-named Echo, who’s forcefully volunteered to become a Doll at the Dollhouse. Dolls are have blank slates for personalities, which are imprinted with new ones depending on the mission or they have to complete. This can vary from simply being someone ideal girlfriend to being a hostage negotiator or bodyguard. Clients of the Dollhouse pay a lot of money to have this privilege.

Once the Dolls go Active, they get a handler who watches over them. After each engagement, the slate is wiped clean again. We learn that Alpha was a Doll who retained memories of his imprints and killed a lot of people before escaping. It seems like Echo is also becoming like that. She’s becoming self-aware after starting as a complete blank state. Special Agent Paul Ballard is hot on the trail after the people who are behind the Dollhouse.

Warning: spoilers ahead
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Monkey Terminator

A monkey controls a robotic arms with its mind. (via delicious ghost)

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