Portishead And NIN

I’m listening to the new Portishead album Third and the new Nine Inch Nails release Ghosts I-IV. It’s a 36 track instrumental album, which I’m really enjoying. It’s quite minimal and ethereal. The first part is available for free on the NIN site. The site crashed because of high traffic earlier this week.

You can download Ghosts I for free; parts II, III and IV will cost you $US5. And for $US10 you can get a double-CD package sent to you when it’s released properly on April 14. That’s as cheap as chips.

But this is a new era, and Reznor knows many music fans won’t even pay $5 for a CD. His response? He uploaded it to popular torrent website www.thepiratebay.org himself and received a flood of positive feedback.

Reznor knew that even some fans wouldn’t pay for the minimal download, so he uploaded the album himself onto the PirateBay, a popular torrent tracker site.

I found an interesting review and will most probably be posting my own in a few days, once I’ve listened to it thoroughly.

From my initial listening, I’m quite impressed. This type of quality and richness of tracks reminds me of The Downward Spiral and Further Down the Spiral. I was really disappointed by The Fragile. That album put me off NIN for a few years. It’s only recently with Year Zero that I’m rediscovering the Trent Reznor that I enjoyed in the past.